5th International Conference in Nursing (IVCN)

KnE Life Sciences / 5th International Conference in Nursing (IVCN)

This collection contains selected papers from the 5th International Conference in Nursing (IVCN) held in Bandung, Indonesia on 8th of September 2021. This event was hosted by the STIKep PPNI Jawa Barat.

This conference provided a much-needed scientific platform focusing on the development issues and needs of the Asia Pacific region. It was held to bring together researchers, clinicians and other stakeholders from the Asia Pacific region to share and discuss the latest developments and research, and build collaborations and networks. Speakers came from a range of countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, United Kingdom, United States, and the Philippines.

This KnE Life Sciences collection contains 100 peer-reviewed papers in the fields of nursing and healthcare technology on a broad range of topics. Factors are considered that affect the quality of life and mental health of nurses, patients with conditions such as kidney disease, thalassemia, stroke and cancer, and parents with ill children. One of the key themes is considering how to promote healthy behaviors, particularly the role of novel health education programs, and social support is identified as a key asset. Several studies examine alternative therapies and techniques, with a particular focus on conditions such as anxiety, blood pressure and pain, in newborns, the elderly, pregnant women, and patients with a range of conditions. Other studies discuss the organisation- and individual-level factors impacting nurses’ skills and knowledge, and care quality and safety. The COVID-19 pandemic is a common thread weaving between much of the research. Its effects on treatment and the experiences of patients and health workers are examined, as well as the perceptions, knowledge and behaviour of nurses and the community in COVID-19 prevention. 

These papers will be of interest to academics, students or professionals researching or working on nursing within the fields of surgery, pediatrics, maternity, mental health and community nursing, as well as nursing leadership and management, technology in healthcare, and nursing education.

Conference date: 8 September 2021
Bandung, Indonesia
STIKep PPNI Jawa Barat
Linlin Lindayani, PhD; Iyus Yosep, PhD; Wini Hadiyani, PhD; Heni Purnama; Astri Mutiar; Suci Noor Hayati; Irma Darmawati
7 February 2022