Family Support for HIV Patients Undergoing Antiretroviral Therapy in Subang City


Without family support, HIV patients face negative responses and a tough life situation, which can lead to worries, guilt and sometimes ideas about ending their life. Family support can improve the confidence of HIV patients and it can lead to a longer life if it encourages the HIV patient to take their antiretroviral therapy (ARV) medicine. ARV treatment is necessary for HIV patients. When HIV patients do not comply with their ARV treatment or stop their ARV therapy, resistance to ARV becomes more likely, there is an increased risk of infecting other people with HIV, and a higher likelihood of the HIV patient dying. This study aimed to determine the relationship between family support and adherence of HIV patients to ARV therapy. This study was conducted using an analytical survey with a cross-sectional design. The total sample was 40 subjects. Data were analyzed using the Chi Square test. The results showed that there was a relationship between family support and HIV patient compliance with undergoing ARV therapy (p = 0.001). Types of family support included emotional support, instrumental support and informational support. It can therefore be concluded that the role of the family is very influential on the adherence of HIV patients to ARV therapy.

Keywords: family support, obedience, HIV

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