The Influence of Nurse Competence and Performance on Quality of Service and Patient Satisfaction


Nursing care is significant in determining the quality of service in hospitals, and one of the indicators of service quality is patient satisfaction. This study aimed to determine the effect of nurse competence and performance on service quality and patient satisfaction. This was a quantitative cross-sectional study, and data were analyzed using path analysis t-test. There were 100 respondents and data collection was through interviews. This research was conducted at the Pusdikes Hospital in Jakarta. The factors that affected satisfaction were performance (p = 0.042) and service quality (p < 0.001). Competence, performance, and service quality also affected satisfaction in combination (p < 0.001). The variables that affected service quality were competence (p < 0.001) and performance (p = 0.004). Furthermore, competence and performance also had a simultaneous effect on quality (p < 0.001).

Keywords: competence, nurse performance, service quality, patient satisfaction

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