Relationship Between Patient's Perception of Service Quality and Use of Outpatient Services


Outpatient services need to be prioritized because they are often the start of a patient’s use of health services and can improve the image of the hospital, so that it continues to be the hospital of choice for patients and improves its profits. This descriptive research used a cross-sectional approach. Univariate analyses and bivariate analyses (the Chi-square test) were used. According to the results, there was a significant relationship between the perception of empathy (p = 0.017), responsiveness (p = 0.015), and assurance (p = 0.006) with service utilization. There was no significant relationship between tangible perception (p = 0.099), or reliability (p = 0.062) by using outpatient services. Although a relationship was found in some but not all of the perceptions of patients related to the dimensions of service quality, the quality of service should remain a priority, and it is hoped that future researchers will investigate other influencing factors.

Keywords: perception, service quality dimensions, service utilization

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