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Increase the impact of your research with Kudos

KnE Publishing is committed to empowering each of our researchers, providing the tools, insights, and platform to produce, publish and promote their research. As part of this, we have teamed up with Kudos to provide a free self-promotion service to all of our authors.

Using Kudos helps you to maximise and measure the impact of your research, allowing you to explain your work to a new audience and track its dissemination across multiple platforms.

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Benefits of using Kudos

Kudos is a great, easy-to-use tool that helps researchers increase the accessibility and visibility of their work, promoting it to a broader audience. Recent independent studies have demonstrated that using Kudos can increase readership volumes by up to 23%.

This solution helps you to disseminate your published research more widely and increase its impact, without taking valuable time away from your next research project. Kudos also allows you to measure the impact of your research with a variety of performance metrics including citations, downloads and altmetrics. This allows you to track the dissemination of your work across the world in news articles and social media mentions, as well as along more traditional pathways. This data will help you to clearly articulate and demonstrate the impact of your work as you seek professional promotions.

How Kudos works

Kudos is an online platform designed to help researchers and authors to share and promote their publications, allowing them to control and enhance how their research is presented to the media and general public.

1. Explain

Use Kudos to describe your work as simply as possible (in both English and your native language).

This lets you attract more readers from outside your specialist field – including researchers in allied subject disciplines, industry professionals, members of the media, and policy makers.

You can even enhance your description by adding additional elements such as blog posts, data sets and videos.

2. Promote

Kudos will provide you with a trackable link for this publication that you can use in emails and social media posts – letting you share your work with the world.

People can read the short, accessible descriptions even if they don’t have time for the whole article.

3. Track

Kudos offers highly detailed and easy-to-read performance metrics for each of your publications, including views and downloads, citations and digital altmetrics. You can access these via your Kudos dashboard.

This data helps you to see what impact your work is having, which promotion strategies are the most effective, and quantify the reach and value of your research to future funders and employers.

4. Everything

We want to help our authors promote all their research as widely as possible, so you can use this platform for all your articles and books, not just those studies you have published with us!

KnE Publishing – helping your research get the recognition it deserves.

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