Third International Conference on Human Sciences

KnE Social Sciences / Third International Conference on Human Sciences

This collection contains selected papers from the international research conference The Third International Conference on Human Sciences held in Fallujah, Iraq on the 5th–6th of October 2022. This event was hosted by the University of Fallujah.

This KnE Social Sciences issue contains 63 peer-reviewed articles exploring the role of religious scripture in nation-building practices and policies. The Holy Quran is studied to understand its significant impact on the development of the individual, the community, scientific methods, and all other parts of society that make up a nation-state. 

Religion is a major guiding authority for many civilisations and social groups. Islam has long successfully influenced the foundations of Arab societies, acting as a key consideration for decisions taken by families, communities, and policymakers across the board. This collection sheds light on the nuances within these decisions through the application of Islamic Studies doctrines, exploring the Quranic perspective on social issues such as marriage, housing laws, education, and social media within the modern context of today’s Muslim societies.

These papers will be of interest to academics, students, or professionals researching or working on Holy Quran Sciences and Islamic Studies.

Conference date: 5th–6th October 2022
Location: Fallujah, Iraq
Organizers: The University of Fallujah
Editors: Sabah I. Hamadi, Ahmed S. Hamad, Omer K. Jasim Mohammad
Published: 13 March 2023
ISSN: 2518-668X