Employment of Qur'anic Stories in the Service of Civil Society


The Qur'anic methods and their impact on the building of man and society---I chose this title because the Qur'anic stories derive from their lessons, and if we apply them to our contemporary reality and serve civil society, we will live in comfort, tranquility, and justice. It is He who is between His hands and the detailing of all things, and guidance and mercy for people who believe [Yusuf: .[111 The nature of the research required an introduction, three chapters, a conclusion, sources, and references. Introduction: After thanking and praising the Almighty and praying for His Prophet, I mentioned the reason for choosing the topic and the research plan. The first topic was Quranic stories and their goals; the second was civil society, its advantages, and its characteristics; and the third was the use of Quranic stories. Conclusion: The included the most important results of the research. In conclusion, I have made a modest effort in this research, for whatever was right in it is from God alone, to Him be praise in the first and the hereafter, and whatever was found in it of error, slippage, or omission is from myself and the devil, and I ask God's forgiveness for that. And I ask God to make this work purely for His sake and to teach us what will benefit us; we know that He is the guardian and the one who is able to do it.

Keywords: employment- Qur'anic - stories in the service- of civil society