The Art of Etiquette in the Holy Qur'an


This research aims to define the art of etiquette in public relations on one hand and to clarify the holy verses that talk about etiquette in the Holy Qur'an on the other . The researcher chose the idea or topic to extract ideas and topics related to the art of etiquette, which led to identifying three main categories for content analysis . First represented is the category of sayings, in which we have limited the holy verses that urge and guide the person to the right saying, such as the way of speaking or addressing, the level of sound , and others. The second was represented by the category of actions , which contains each verse that guides us to do a specific action that falls within the concept of etiquette . And the third was the category of behavior, which contains each verse that includes self-discipline and guidance for correct and good behavior. The content analysis method was used to analyze the holy verses and categorize them within the three categories. The interpretation of Ibn Kathir was used to extract the meanings of the verses , to be able to know the dimensions of each verse in them , and to include them in one of the categories. The research included three main sections, the first section was the methodological framework of the research, the second section included the art of etiquette and protocol, and the third section was devoted to the practical research aspect.

 Keywords: art, etiquette, Quran, Holy