Quranic Proverbs and Legal Rulings Related to Them


Praise be to God first and last, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, the illiterate prophet, his family and companions, and those who followed him in goodness, and after. The Noble Qur'an has come as a way and a solid holdout for our salvation, and a savior for us from our slumber. God Almighty has set an example in it of everything. To be a lesson and an immortal lesson in people's minds, with this conviction and in line with the Third International Periodic Conference for Human Sciences, which is tagged ``The Holy Qur'an is an Approach to Building Nations'' and was held by the University of Fallujah, thankfully, we submitted participation in our research tagged ``Quranic Proverbs and Sharia Provisions Related to them''. We looked at it with Qur'anic proverbs, reading, meditating, and researching, and we found that some of them are related to the legal rulings detailed in the books on jurisprudence and the rulings of the Qur'an and their conclusion. As for the introduction, it contains the importance of the topic, the reasons for choosing it, and its desired goals. The second requirement in the legal rulings is related to Quranic proverbs. Then the conclusion mentioned the most important results that we reached and the important recommendations related to the study. We ask God for success and reward.

Keywords: proverbs, the Qur'an, rulings, legitimacy