Proverbs in the Footnote of the Meteor (d. 1069 AH) on the Interpretation of Al-Baydawi (d. 685 AH) - A Semantic Study


The study of proverbs, which is one of the arts of prose sayings, is an important study as it reveals the linguistic level at which the people of the language speak. Because the proverbs were spoken by the general public and their own, to express what they want, also because the proverb is the skill of Arabs in the pre-Islamic era and Islam, they depicted people's lives and their conditions. The Arabs summarized its word, saturated its meaning, and shortened its phrases, so its meaning became widespread. One of the most important motives that led me to my study was ``the semantic trend of proverbs in human qualities.'' It was in three sections, the first topic was the life of the meteor and its effects, the second topic was the positive qualities, and the third topic was negative attributes. As for the conclusion, it was the most important result that I reached in the research. Then the research was followed by a list of sources and references that were used in the study. And Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Keywords: At the foot of the Hassii Al Shahabh Study.