Recalling Quranic Meanings and Textual Harmony in the Poem ``You taught me life'' and its Impact on Guiding the Behavior of Society


The research is concerned with the effect of Quranic meanings in directing society's behaviors through poetry, which in turn is an effective tool in purifying and refining the human soul. Whether in a direct way to adopt community issues or in a suggestive manner, and in an unconscious activity that attempts to mislead the reader about the direct intent of the poetic significance. Because of the value of poetry and its impact on man and his taste, ancient and modern, the Quranic meanings were embodied in the poem ``You taught me life'' by the poet ``Mohammed Mustafa Hamam Al-Masry.'' He is one of the first generations of poets in the modern era. The poem is well-known for its representation and recitation. However, this is due to the agility of its language and the follow-up of the Qur'anic meanings, which came spontaneously and smoothly, evoked by the ideas mixed with the sincerity of passion of the committed Arab poet. Moreover, this led to a phenomenon that contributed to the production of a coherent text, but we did not find any interest in analyzing this poem and identifying the secrets of creativity, and its deep values. Therefore, we will explore and analyze these aesthetic secrets and show how they were employed to build society because of the connotations they carried inspired by the Holy Qur'an, which is a method for building society. We will first clarify the terms used in the research, identify the writer of the poem and his literary product, and move on to the analytical techniques of recalling meanings. The Qur'anic implications, the aesthetics of quotation, and its value in achieving creativity and then revealing the empowerment of these meanings in the mind of the reader.

Keywords: recall, Quranic meanings, harmony, taught me life