Some Pictorial Expressions of Samin al-Halabi, May God Have Mercy on Him, Part One


Al-Sameen Al-Halabi (may God have mercy on him) is considered one of the scholars who were interested in language, grammar, morphology, and interpretation. His book ``Umdat al-Hafiz to the Interpretation of Ashraf Words,'' a linguistic dictionary of the words of the Noble Qur'an, is the only evidence of his interest in grammar, language, and interpretation. The author arranged the words mentioned in the Qur'an according to the letters of the lexicon based on the origins of the word without its appendices. Then he mentions in each of its articles a linguistic analysis accompanied by a verse from the Qur'an, then with hadith, poetry, and sometimes with one of the proverbs. He was often found citing the sayings of the imams and the language to support the (linguistic) idea that he is discussing. He made strange hadiths in it as well and mentioned linguistic evidence, which is close to two thousand, with some grammatical and rhetorical benefits. Book with scientific indexes.

Keywords: interpretation, the Qur'an, Al-Samin Al-Halabi, figurative expressions, the mayor of Al-Hafiz