We want to help you get the most out of the work you have done. This is why we offer a suite of services aimed at increasing the quality of your submission, while at the same time protecting you from problems you might otherwise encounter.

Globalise your journals & conference proceedings

Most regional journals are routinely overlooked by international databases and regional conferences go unpublished, not lasting beyond the closing ceremony. The KnE Publishing Platform raises the visibility and durability of your journals and conference proceedings by providing an electronic version permanently and freely accessible globally. Publications on our platform become internationally visible instantly, giving you the potential to attract high-quality authors, editors and reviewers to your journals or attract more speakers, sponsors and attendees to your next conference. As a result, the KnE Publishing Platform allows you to build stronger academic links, thereby raising the reputation of your publication.

Boost your citations

People will only cite your work if they can find it! Today’s researchers need their papers to be read and cited. Every paper on the KnE Publishing Platform is assigned with its own unique Crossref Digital Object Identifier (DOI) that makes it easier to discover, share and cite by fellow researchers anytime and anywhere in the world.

International indexing

All hosted journals and conference proceedings are automatically indexed in Google Scholar and selected titles are submitted for evaluation by international indexing and discovery services including Scopus and Web of Science as well as others.

Publication ethics & International best practices

Knowledge E adheres to the Core Principles of the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE). As the initiator of the Think. Check. Attend. initiative (www.thinkcheckattend.org), Knowledge E ensures all conference proceedings published on its platform come from conferences fitting the guidelines stipulated in the initiative.



Readers and authors are not charged for our services. Rather, we cover the cost of maintaining electronic tools for submissions systems, manuscript production, online hosting, and long-term archiving by charging the journal owner or the conference organizer a publication fee.


Knowledge E Open Access Statement

All journal articles and conference papers published on the KnE Publishing Platform are fully Open Access. Open Access publications are freely and permanently available online to any reader, anywhere in the world without subscription to the publications in which these articles are published.

Unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium are permitted, provided the author/editor is properly attributed. Articles in Knowledge E platform are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY) to ensure implementation of open access as defined. This license was developed to facilitate Open Access—namely, free immediate access to, and unrestricted reuse of, original works of all types.

Benefits of Open Access Publishing
  • High-quality peer review since open access publications go through the same peer review and publishing processes as journals published under the traditional subscription-based model.
  • Rapid publication processes for the open access content.
  • Maximum visibility and all-time availability for the published articles.
  • Citation tracking and indexing in a variety of databases.

Open Access Statements and Declarations

External Open Access Resources

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To get your material published with us, you’ll have to ensure that it follows our publishing guidelines.

We have guidelines for article authors, conference organisers and librarians.

About Kudos

KnE Publishing is committed to empowering each of our researchers, providing the tools, insights, and platform to produce, publish and promote their research.

As part of this, we have teamed up with Kudos to provide a free self-promotion service to all of our authors.