Dialogue in the Holy Qur'an - The Story of Noah - Peace be Upon Him - as a Model


This research is based on clarifying the importance of dialogue and its impact on establishing the argument and showing the evidence that supports and establishes the truth, and the call for guiding dialogue. Because it is the key to hearts, it is the way to reach the truth through the word. And because a good word is the believer's weapon in performing his noble message, whether inviting people to it or defending it, as well as it is the preacher's way of dealing with his likes of preachers, especially if the opinions and views differ. However, the frequent use of the method of dialogue in the Holy Qur'an, the miraculous rhetorical secrets it contained in the minutes of language, and the challenge of rhetorical and grammatical phenomena drew the attention of ancient and modern scholars.

Keywords: dialogue, the Holy Quran, Noah - peace be upon him.