Imam al-Qudduri's Answers to the Violators' Inference About the Verses of the Wife's Residence Through the Book of Abstraction


This research demonstrates Imam al-Qudduri's answers to the violators' inferences about the verses of the wife's residence through the book of abstraction, the impact of housing on women, the family, and society, and how to address it. In terms of the legal provisions entailed by it, the right to housing that God Almighty legislated as a cover for the spouses, and stability for the Muslim family, the researcher used the comparative analysis method by presenting the opinions of the jurists (may God have mercy on them), and their evidence, to reach the most correct opinion. The most prominent findings of this study are: Imam al-Qudduri (may God have mercy on him) attained a high scholarly status until he became the Head of the School of Thought (madhab) in Iraq, and al-Dhahabi said, about him, that he was called the Hanafi Sheikh. The essential prerequisites of housing for a woman to stabilize their marriage and to create an atmosphere of love that is suitable for the continuation of this marriage. An explanation of the legal rulings that spouses must follow when exercising this right in order for one of them to not outnumber the other through the rights granted to them.

Keywords: housing, alimony, deceased, hail, divorced woman