The Role of the Qur'an in Preserving the Two Poles of Society from Disintegration - Men and Women - (Equality) as a Model


Issues of rights entrusted to women are always raised, and their application varies between constitutional systems and laws in most societies, with women taking their place in society, and there is no dispute about that; rather, the dispute is the accusation that is directed directly at the Islamic religion without a deep and comprehensive understanding that it is unfair to women's rights and has spoiled her life. The most important of these is the demand for the equality of women and men alike; this is where the conscious Muslim is irritated. The Holy Qur'an has clarified and still clarifies the rights of women and their leading role in society, and it always seeks to promote them toward a peaceful life that preserves rights and duties, free of misunderstanding. Our society today and its nuclear families are in greater need of further evaluation, due to several problems that have arisen around them, leading to their dismantling. Therefore, the two poles of society---women and men---are the most prominent features of society.

Keywords: polar society, equality, disintegration