The Role of Social Media in Spreading the Holy Qur'an


The current era is also known as the digital age, where highly developed satellites and the global internet are nascent of the modern information revolution. The digital age has impacted all activities and life areas and has become a reality. Moreover, it is inevitable and has a major role in influencing the users, whether this is a positive or negative influence, social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have attracted millions of Internet users. In recent times, it has evolved to become the most widespread and used network among Internet pioneers; especially adolescents and young people who have been liberated from the social reality restrictions category and became more free to express themselves through interaction by means of social networking, which has eventually become the users own culture, views, trends, and has affected their behavior in all aspects. Each technique, with its pros and cons, offers social networking a lot of features and services that can bring significant benefits such as an abundance of information and speed of communicating with others. At the same time can be used for bad purposes such as spreading rumors and extremist ideas, due primarily to the same user, and how his education and upbringing can get him awareness and knowledge of the risk and disadvantages of social networking when he uses it. The research deals with the role of media in community awareness, especially for adolescents and young people, the hazards of using social media, and how to face them. It requires a comprehensive strategy overseen by the concerned authorities in the country, focusing on the moral, religious, social, cultural, economic, political dimensions, science, and security. This paper is concerned with using social media to serve the Holy Quran sciences. It was based on presenting reading for social media that receive wide attention from individuals, given that it is easy to use, it went far from that by being used in different sciences and educational domains. This emerged by using it in teaching the rules of reciting the Holy Quran as one of its most important sciences. The lessons of the rules of recitation that were posted on Facebook are characterized by diversity and universality, and any user can benefit from them and grasp the content. For reason that it changed the traditional function of teaching the Holy Quran. The teaching process became a participatory one, where all the users can contribute and exchange information, in order to reach a mutual understanding of what is published from the lessons.

Keywords: influence, role, service, internet, networks social communication, creation, development, Holy Quran, science