Surah Al-Qamar - (study and investigation) - From the Interpretation of Jama`at al-Tibyan in the Interpretation of the Qur'an - Lam'in Al-Din Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Iji (d. 905 AH)


The research aims to identify and clarify some of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an through the interpretation of Jami' al-Tibyan, to highlight the sayings of the commentators contained in the interpretation of Surat al-Qamar, to achieve the narratives contained in the interpretation of the surah, and to study them in a manner that facilitates their understanding and knowledge of their meanings. The research methodology required that it include two parts, an introduction and conclusion as well as an index of sources and references. The first section included an introduction to the research, its objectives, reasons for choosing it, hypothetical research questions, a research plan, research and investigation methodology, as well as samples from the two manuscripts (original + b). On the achievement of Surat al-Qamar, according to scientific steps followed by investigators and researchers. In the conclusion, the research deals with the most important results and recommendations, and an index of sources and references.

 Keywords: Surat Al-Qamar, study and investigation, Al-Tibyan Mosques, Mu'in Al-Din Al-Iji