The Attachment of the Neighbor and the Accusative Objection in the Holy Qur'an - a Semantic Grammatical Study


This research aims to comprehensively monitor the cases of attachment (the neighbor, the traitor, and the adverb) in the Holy Qur'an, exclude the unproblematic attachments as an abbreviation of the research material, present the abstaining attachments as a sign in the views of the commentators by analyzing them grammatically and semantically, and to determine the grammatical attachments of the neighbor and the drawer that are authenticated by the sayings of the grammarians, abstaining semantically while providing valid alternatives.This research is based on a comprehensive monitoring of the cases of attachment of the two types of semi-sentence (the neighbor, the traitor and the adverb) in the Noble Qur'an, and then excludes the unresolved attachments as a shortcut to the subject of the research. The accusative and the adverb which are authenticated by the sayings of grammarians by refraining from semantics, while providing valid alternatives for them.

Keywords: neighbor and drawer, semi-sentence - Attached, - semantic block, - the meaning