The Effect of Multiple Readings of the Qur'an on Multiple Significance of News and Creation


The study is based on tracing the Qur'anic texts in which many readings lead to a different style of creation or vice versa, considering what these readings can elicit from the noble context's intended connotations. The study was divided into three sections: the first topic included the differences between matter and others, assuming that matter is from creation, the past, and the loss of the news. The second topic included the differences between telling and questioning; it is known that the difference between them is on the axes of language and art. The third topic included the differences between denial and prohibition. It is well known that there is a great discrepancy between the two. This difference has contextual implications. The study was based on two important matters: not accepting anomalous readings and not taking into account the connotations that contradict the postulates of religion, even if they are tolerated by the noble context in terms of language.

Keywords: multiplicity, readings, semantics, news