The Sources of Hearing According to Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi 745) A.H.) (Al-Salik's Approach in Speaking of the Alfiya of Ibn Malik)


Undoubtedly, the audible or transmitted texts have a high value and a strong impact in proving and documenting the language, as it is an important origin of the grammar. This origin was established with the establishment of Arabic grammar, throughout the stage of application. After increasing the authorship in grammar's science, the grammarians wanted to theorize this science, set its limits, and draw its general framework. Therefore, theorizing and application are supported in the service of language, especially the science of grammar, which was evident enough in proving linguistic and grammatical rulings, based on argument and proof; to guide the minds of grammarians according to the opinions that they believed in, and deduced from them the foundations on which they built their rulings. From this perspective, this research was concerned with the book: Al-Salik's Approach of Speaking to the Alfiya of Ibn Malik) by Abu Hayyan Al-Andalusi, one of the famous grammarians. Our aim is to study the sources of one of the most important principles of grammar, which is listening, so this study was based on an introduction to the concept of listening as a language, reform, the value of listening and its limits, and Abu Hayyan's position and inferences, which are based on the documented texts of his book; followed-by the three demands. The first requirement was specific to the Holy Qur'an, and I made the second requirement specific to the noble hadith, and the final requirement was related to the speech of the Arabs. The concepts of the above were defined and rooted. Then we proved the most important results of the study in points, which were contained in a conclusion to the research, and we ask God for success and more rectitude.

 Keywords: Alfiya, Abu Hayyan, Al-Salik, Al-Sama`a, sources, method