The Importance of Dialogue in the Qur'an - Surah (Al-Nahl) as a Model


This study presents the topic of dialogue as one of the most important means possessed by the Ummah as well as the individual to communicate with others. Dialogue is a way of life and a way of thinking, and the Holy Qur'an has paid great attention to it. Dialogue is the predominant method in the stories of previous nations and is the first tool of the prophets and their followers in spreading the call, the first means of presenting questions of faith, and it has been noted that the arena of dialogue is almost linked to the human personality; therefore, it was comprehensive. Also, its topics are almost limited to the subject of the message and the extent of people's proximity and distance from it. Therefore, this study focused on the importance of dialogue in the Holy Quran through Surat al-Nahl and reached several conclusions, the most prominent of which may be that dialogue according to the Qur'anic method does not start from the logic of guardianship over the other, or just the definition of what the interlocutor has, but is a matter of searching for the truth where it was. Moreover, this does not mean that the Muslim, when he enters into dialogue with others, has abandoned his perceptions; rather, objectivity is manifested in the readiness to abandon all perceptions and adopt their opponents if it turns out to be right with one opinion for another.

Keywords: Holy Quran, dialogue, bees