The Impact of the Deconstructive Trend on the Deviations of Arab Modernists in Some Interpretations of the Holy Qur'an


This research on the impact of the deconstructive trend on the deviations of Arab modernists in some interpretations of the Holy Qur'an represents the latest findings of the minds of the European philosophers who are followed by these Arab modernists. The nature of the research necessitated that I divide it into a preface and two sections preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion, so I talked in the preface about the historical depth of the intellectual fertilization between the Arab nation and the West and its negative effects. In the first section, I talked about the deconstructive trend concept, while in the second section I dealt with procedural. Then I showed the deviation of their claims and the applications of this trend, which these modernists mentioned in the conclusion and results, with the references. My method of research was descriptive and analytical.

Keywords: deconstruction, modernists, interpretation, trend, deviations