Sustainable Development in the Holy Quran and its Role in Human Construction


The research deals with the Qur'anic directives on sustainable development and its role in human construction, the architecture of the earth, and the preservation of wealth, which is the source of human strength. Approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in ,2015 the research aims to establish the legal basis for the concept of sustainable development from the Holy Qur'an and to clarify its position in Islam according to the approach and interpretation of the verses and the statement of what God Almighty wants from them. Furthermore, referring to the words of the great commentators and correcting the prevailing belief among some that progress, civilization, and sustainable development are Western ideas that have nothing to do with Islam, and that they are alien thoughts to Islam; studying the extent to which the Islamic religion supports the concepts of sustainability and its applications to the individual and society, and responding to those who doubt the validity of this religion for every time and place, and the role of sustainable development in human construction, development, and prosperity. Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds.

Keywords: development, sustainable, the Qur'an, its role, construction, humanity