The Position of the Modernists on the Qur'anic Text


Modernity is one of the trends imported from the West, just like secularism and globalization, which began to afflict Muslim countries at the beginning of the twentieth century. It is a strange trend, with its characteristics and premises contradicting our values and civilizational heritage in addition to the constants of the Islamic religion. Moreover, it attempts to tamper with the sanctities, dismantle them, and put them on the autopsy table as any historical text, removing all its sanctity or status as a divine text. Despite all efforts to make modernity a success, the Arab and Islamic people rejected it, and it was not accepted by the sons of our Islamic nation, as many imported ideas are, and that religiosity takes root among the sons of Islam as it represents the nation's spirit, aspirations, and future.

Keywords: modernity, contemporary, surprise, tradition, dazzling