God's Saying: A Comparison Study of Jurisprudence


In addition to the reliance of many financial transactions on this verse, the verse "And God has permitted the sale," which, despite its few words, contained many fundamental and jurisprudential details, is a declaration of the greatness of Qur'anic verses, whose verbal structure is simple while meanings are numerous. This investigation reveals the use of this noble verse as an example of the obvious and of the text clearly denoting the two sections in jurisprudential principles. Based on its clear division of sections in jurisprudential principles, this noble verse was cited as an example of the meeting of the text and the apparent. In jurisprudence, he cited this noble verse on the permissibility of selling and the prohibition of usury, on the permissibility of blind selling and peace, and on convening the sale of favoritism.

 Keywords: Selling the jurisprudence of the Qur'an, the principles of general and special jurisprudence.