The Qur'anic Approach to Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil, and its Role in Building Society


The research is a study of the Holy Qur'an's approach to enjoining good and forbidding evil, which is the approach of the prophets and messengers, and God Almighty has shown this approach in many Qur'anic verses., and tRevealing all of its aspects to us through studying it and listening to the commentators' sayings about these verses. standing at the sayings of the commentators about these verses, all its aspects have been revealed to us. In it are tThe verses that included enjoining good and forbidding evil, defining the terminology of the title of the research, talking about the virtues of this approach, and the effects of abandoning it through the hadiths of the Prophet, and the sayings of our righteous predecessors, and the method and the method of the Holy Qur'an in dealing with enjoining good and forbidding evil, and detailing its legal ruling. And tThe conditions and etiquettes of commanding and forbidding, defining those who enjoin good and forbid what is wrong, and their attributes, and their role in building society as God Almighty wanted it., aAnd, as described by the Noble Qur'an as the best nation brought out for people, based on the supreme moral values of justice, mercy, and fairness away from injustice, evil, and corruption. worlds.

Keywords: the curriculum, the Qur'anic, the known, the evil, the construction, the community.