The Significance of Appendix Preposition (from) in Quoting in General and Refraining from Specifying (Ayah of Magic as a Model)


The research is summarized in the works of the rule ``textual indefinite in general and its appearance in it,'' which means if (from) is added before the negative indefinite, it transfers the general indication from appearance and presumption, to quotation and interruption. On this basis, it is possible to weigh the statements based on general texts, and this includes the ruling on learning and teaching magic. As a dispute occurred among the jurists of the nation regarding the permissibility of his learning and teaching. Every Ayah contained in its context (from the excess) should be examined, considered, and contemplated in light of its significance. _ Are the Ayah's in this unique formula specific? _ In which section of the Shari'a does it most frequently appear? _ What is its relationship to preponderance when there is a difference in rulings? After the research, it was found that one of its most important meanings, connotations, benefits, and purposes is the quotation in general, and the prevention of its specification. Therefore, it is one of the strongest arguments in the jurisprudential dispute, so it frequently comes in the verses of oneness, and the transcendence of God Almighty is the signifier. It is in the field of doctrinal scientific issues that are more famous, and all of this indicates the importance of the rule, and what comes out with this rule is the preponderance of the prohibition of magic in all its forms, in contrast to those who preferred to learn and teach it. In research, guidance is given to the rule ``There is no general but it has been specified'' and to combine the different sayings in a good manner.