The Purposes of Sharia and its Impact on Preserving Money in the Rank of Necessities in Terms of Nothingness According to Imam Al-Kia Al-Harasi Through His Book Ahkam Al-Quran


One of the most important legal sciences of interest to the jurist and the mufti is the science of the purposes of Sharia, which was included among the folds of the science of jurisprudence and did not separate from it until a later time, as the literature and research were devoted to it. And his perfection, Glory be to Him, in addition to recognizing the interests and their ranks that help in balancing and weighing the rulings and many other benefits obtained from this great science, is why I chose this topic for my research. I devoted the research in one of the books to one of the eminent scholars (Al-Kia Al-Harasi) in his book ``Provisions of the Qur'an.'' For the sake of this topic, I chose a part of the purposes of Sharia, which is the preservation of money from the side of nothingness, reviewed the views, vision, and analysis of this scientist in this part, and concluded my research with the most important results I reached.

 Keywords: Al-Kia Al-Harasi, the purposes of Sharia, the necessities, money, interests, the provisions of the Qur'an