Passionate Conversations to Prostrate Modern - Jurisprudence Study


In this research, the hadiths mentioned regarding an attribute of the Prophet's prayer, may God's prayers and peace be upon him, were collected, which is how to fall into prostration. I collected hadiths from the books of the Sunnah of the Prophet by mentioning the hadiths that scholars of hadith and jurisprudence relied on to invoke them. Then I classified them according to the books and jurisprudence chapters found in the books of the Sunnah of the Prophet in order to ensure the interest in jurisprudence, hadith, linguistics, and fundamentalism that the chapter contains. These hadiths were then extracted based on the imams who mentioned them in their books of the authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (books of the Sahih, Sunan and Musnad, dictionaries, histories of men and countries, books of hadiths Amali, benefits, books of interpretation and beliefs, hadith portions, books of weak, books of trustworthy ones, books of specific narrators, and some of the books of hadith sciences), explaining their methods and limiting them as much as possible and as needed, guided in all of this by the rules of the principles of takhrej, the rules of hadith sciences, the words of the imams of this art, and their rulings and investigations. After translating the chain of narrators and knowing the final ruling on them, I assessed the chain of hadiths in terms of validity, goodness, or almost weakness, and facilitation. I mentioned the reasons for its acceptance in general, and I do not judge the hadith because we want to understand the ruling and the order of the path from which the hadith came. Then strange hadith books from hadith and language dictionaries were discussed. The legal rulings were then deduced from these hadiths and their implications were extracted, and the sayings of the scholars were mentioned in detail with their evidence and the responses of the two teams. The research was divided into an introduction and two sections. As for the introduction, it mentioned the virtue of the Prophetic Sunnah, the importance of the topic, the reason for choosing it, the research plan, and the research method in the study of hadiths. In the first topic, the hadiths about placing the hands on the knees were mentioned, and the third topic was about the hadiths of placing the knees on the hands. As for the conclusion, it mentioned the most important findings of the research.