1st Doctoral International Conference 2023

KnE Social Sciences / 1st Doctoral International Conference 2023

This special issue contains a selection of papers presented at the Doctoral International Conference (DIC) held in Makassar, Indonesia on 15-16th June 2023. The event was organised by the Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA) in conjunction with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Hasanuddin University.

The conference was organised to engage leaders in public policy and social mobility with the evolving needs of Indonesian society. Dealing with several sub-themes related to governance practice and policies, researchers, academics, educators, practitioners, government officials, and consultants were invited to theorise and implement practical solutions to challenges directly affecting social life in the region. 

This Kne Social Sciences special issue contains 75 peer-reviewed papers that delve into the realm of public administration studies. In a world where insecurity and change are becoming the new norm, experts are increasingly being called upon to find fast and effective solutions to the ‘unknown unknowns’. Governance plays a key role in determining the success of these plans, as developing countries leapfrog to address issues like sustainability, social empowerment and mobility, educational reforms, and bureaucracy, all within the digital age. From sustainable farming practices to equitable social housing, this special issue deals with the multi-faceted issues public policymakers and administrators must tackle to empower their institutions against ever-growing challenges within public and private life.

These papers will be of interest to academics, students, or professionals researching or working on contemporary changes and development in public policy administration and policymaking. 


Conference date: 15-16th June 2023
Location: Makassar, Indonesia
Organizers: Indonesian Association for Public Administration (IAPA) and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Hasanuddin University
Conference Editors: José Chiu-Cheng Chen, Gi Heon Kwon, Lizan P. Calina, Masao Kikuchi, Bevaola Kusumasari, Oscar Radyan Danar, RD Ahmad Buchari. Siska Sasmita, MD Enjat Munajat, Fadillah Amin, Anang Dwi Santoso, Sajida, Tahir Haning, Badu Ahmad
Published: 2 October 2023
ISSN: 2518-668X