Good Corporate Governance Strengthening in Limited Company: Study at PERSERODA of South Sulawesi Province


Good corporate governance is a vital system that regulates and controls companies, ensuring added value for all stakeholders. PERSERODA, a regional company, has undergone a transformation to become a Regional Public Company in accordance with the law. This study aims to analyze the implementation of good corporate governance in PERSERODA’s management. The research utilized a qualitative method, and the study location was PERSERODA in South Sulawesi Province. The primary data collection techniques included in-depth interviews and participatory observation. The research findings indicate that the principles of good corporate governance have not been fully and consistently applied to the company’s activities, resulting in PERSERODA not fully maximizing its contribution to the region. To enhance the company’s performance and output, it is essential to comprehensively apply the principles of good corporate governance throughout the organization. This will lead to increased quality in the company’s operations and the outcomes it generates.

Keywords: good corporate governance, limited company, PERSERODA

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