Public Trust in Public Services at the Makassar City Population and Civil Registration Office


Administrative services in Indonesia present complex issues that demand comprehensive attention and resolution. It is crucial to acknowledge that government services provided to the community must constantly evolve to incorporate creative thinking from the public and adapt to the increasing demands of the community and changes within the government itself. The purpose of this study is to analyze public trust in population administration services at the Makassar City Population and Civil Registry Office. The research method employed in this study was qualitative, with data analysis conducted using descriptive qualitative techniques. The unit of analysis was individual, and data collection involved observation, interviews, and documentation to gather information about public trust in services at the Makassar City Population and Civil Registry Office. The data sources used in this study included both primary and secondary data. The data were analyzed using Miles and Huberman’s analysis model (1994), with data reduction techniques, data presentation, and conclusion drawing. The study’s results revealed that public trust in the government regarding public administration services was categorized as good. However, the researchers observed several aspects and shortcomings that require improvement, such as empathy and service ethics. It is important to ensure that people providing services feel respected and are not treated differently from one another.

Keywords: governance, public, trust, services

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