Public Sector Human Resources Capacity Development in Equivalent Administrative Positions into Functional Positions in the City of Makassar


The study aimed to examine the capacity building of public sector human resources in the context of the equalization of administrative positions into functional positions in Makassar. This bureaucratic reform was triggered by the issuance of Regulation of the Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Number 17 of 2021, which aimed to restructure the government apparatus and had significant implications for bureaucratic work systems and mechanisms, particularly in the local government sphere. To conduct the research, qualitative research methods were employed. Data collection methods included observations, in-depth interviews, and documentation, with primary and secondary data sources contributing to the study. An interactive data analysis model was used for data analysis. The study revealed that efforts to develop the capacity of employees in implementing the equalization of administrative positions into functional positions in Makassar City were relatively effective. Capacity-building initiatives were focused on civil servants who were impacted by the changes resulting from the equalization of positions. Despite these efforts, the study identified that the impact of capacity building on civil servants affected by the equalization of positions was not fully realized. There were still some challenges or limitations hindering the complete integration of the changes and the optimal utilization of human resources in their new functional roles. As a result, the study suggests that additional measures may be required to enhance the capacity-building process and ensure that civil servants are fully equipped to perform effectively in their new functional positions. These measures may include further training and support to help civil servants adapt to the changes and fulfill the responsibilities of their new roles.

Keywords: capacity building, human resources for public organizations, equal positions

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