Innovative Policy for Socio-Economic Development in Nunukan's Coastal Border Communities, North Kalimantan


Innovation policy plays a crucial role in national development, productivity enhancement, and well-being. However, the social and economic conditions of individuals residing in coastal regions bordering other areas are generally far inferior to those of their neighbors. This study aimed to evaluate the government’s introduced policy innovations to improve the socioeconomic circumstances of these coastal border communities. The methodological approach used in this study was both qualitative and explanatory. The research location was in North Kalimantan Province, precisely in the coastal area on the border of the Nunukan Regency. The findings indicate that the implementation of innovative policies for socio-economic development is not yet optimal, especially when viewed through the lens of the internal instruments required to realize policy innovation. For the effective development of the social economy in these areas, policies must be participatory and adaptive in design, capable of creating a comprehensive policy strategy to boost the well-being of society.

Keywords: policy innovation, development social economy, border area

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