Policy Coordination on Transportation Infrastructure Development in Palembang City


Policy coordination plays a crucial role in the development process, particularly in cities like Palembang, which is directed to support various space needs in Jakarta. In particular, the need for multi-event sports implementation at national, regional, and international scales requires effective policy coordination. The acceleration of transportation infrastructure development necessitates breakthroughs in coordinating development policies, as these policies have numerous interconnected aspects that impact the overall development of the surrounding area. The objective of this research is to highlight the significance of policy coordination. In the past, transportation infrastructure development in Palembang seemed to progress slowly due to various factors, such as regulations governing different agencies/institutions, budget allocation, and pre-established programs, which had to be met by each agency/institution separately. The study adopted a qualitative approach, and the results indicated that effective policy coordination significantly improves the development of transportation infrastructure in Jakabaring.

Keywords: coordination, development, infrastructure, policy

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