Capacity Building: Institutional Reform in Makassar City Government Research Governance


The implementation of research activities within the Makassar City regional government often overlaps with tasks and functions. This results in an inefficient and ineffective performance of the Makassar City regional Research and Development Agency as a support for the implementation of regional government affairs in the field of research and development. The purpose of this study is to analyze the extent to which institutional reforms have been implemented in the research governance of the Makassar City government. This type of research is a literature review with a qualitative approach to run a systemic review. This method uses a meta-aggressive approach to synthesize results, which aims to provide solutions to research questions by combining research results. Based on our research, it was concluded that the Makassar City government’s research governance has not been effective thus far. This is because there is still a high sectoral ego from the leaders of each regional apparatus to participate in conducting their own research in their organizations. Thus, it is suggested that the Makassar City government immediately carry out institutional reforms through the transformation of the regional Research and Development Agency into the regional Research and Innovation Agency, as mandated by the applicable laws.

Keywords: governance, capacity building, institutional reform

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