The 3rd Health Science International Conference (HSIC)

KnE Medicine / The 3rd Health Science International Conference (HSIC)

This collection contains selected papers from the 3rd Health Science International Conference held in Malang, Indonesia on 5th October 2022. This event was hosted by the Faculty of Health Science University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia.

The conference was held to bring together leading scholars and practitioners in medicine with the goal of reflecting on holistic patient care and support.

This KnE Medicine collection contains 40 peer-review papers that deal with the medical ailments of the everyday person. Researchers in this issue advocate for integration between Western and Eastern medicine to deliver cohesive treatment plans for people suffering from a wide range of issues. While Western medicine can provide immediate medical attention to life-threatening cases, Eastern medicine successfully develops sustainable treatment plans that aim to support the natural healing capabilities of the human body. Therefore, this collection aims to offer a balanced approach to patient care that blends practices from both medical traditions, providing holistic remedies for muscle pain, pregnancy, sleep disorders, and more. 

These papers will be of interest to academics, students, or professionals researching or working on healthcare innovation, patient care, holistic medicine, and nursing.  

Conference date: 5 October 2022
Location: Malang, Indonesia
Organizer: Faculty of Health Science University of Muhammadiyah
Conference Editors: Sri Sunaringsih Ika Wardojo, Anggraini Dwi Kurnia, Ollyvia Freeska Dwi Martha, Indah Dwi Pratiwi, Henik Tri Rahayu, Sriyani Phadmalata
Published: 23 June 2023
ISSN: 2519-125X