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Russian Forum of Young Scientists (RFYS)

The aim of this conference was to create a discussion forum for exchanging research ideas and experience amongst the young scientists from Russia. The forum—which attracted some 20,000 delegates from 150 countries—also served as a platform for selecting young scientists to be participating in the XIX-th World Festival of Youth and Students that took place in October 2017. 

Conference topics: Engineering, natural sciences, mathematics and computing, humanities and social sciences, and economics and management. The forum also included invited lectures from the world leading scientists from Italy, United Kingdom, and Russia, as well as workshops and discussions.

Conference date: 27–28 April 2017
Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Editors: Prof. Vladimir Vaskovski and Dr. Mikhail Varaksin
Organizer: Ural Federal University
Published: 7 May 2018
ISSN: 2518-6841

Table of Contents

Russian Forum of Young Scientists (RFYS) | pages 139–146

Development Of Software–Hardware System for Real Time Simulation of Electric Power System with Smart Grids

A A Suvorov, A S Gusev, Y S Borovikov, A O Sulaymanov, M V Andreev, N Y Ruban, R A Ufa, I A Razzhivin, Y D Bay, S A Stavitsky

Russian Forum of Young Scientists (RFYS) | pages 318–330

Wavelet Methods in Steganography

E S Yakovleva, A A Makarov, V N Gorbachev, E M Kainarova