The 1st International Conference on Geodesy, Geomatics, and Land Administration 2019

KnE Engineering / The 1st International Conference on Geodesy, Geomatics, and Land Administration 2019

The 1st International Conference on Geodesy, Geomatic, and Land Administration (GEODETA) was held at and organized by the Geodetic Engineering Department, Diponegoro University. The aim of the conference was to create an atmosphere of research-based education and community services, provide a forum for researchers, academicians, professionals, and students from various engineering fields and with cross-disciplinary work or interest in the development of geodetic, geomatic, and land. This conference acted as a forum to exchange experiences and information between national and international researchers on geodetic, geomatic, and land.

Conference topics: The conference had seven main clusters that were covered in each session: (1) Geodesy and Geodynamic; (2) Survey and Mapping Technology; (3) Land and Marine Cadastre and Regional and Urban Planning; (4) Hydrography and Oceanography; (5) Geographic Information Science; (6) Disaster Management; and (7) Civil and Environmental Engineering Survey.

Conference dates:  24–25 July 2019
Location: Semarang, Indonesia
Editors: Dr. Yudo Prasetyo, ST., MT. (Editor-in-Chief), Prof. Chao Hung Lin (member), Dr. Firman Hadi, S. Si., M.T. (member), Dr. Sony Darmawan, ST., MT. (member). Dr. L. M. Sabri, ST., MT. (member). Abdi Sukmono, ST., MT. (member), and Hana Sugiastu Firdaus, ST., MT. (member)
Chair person: Arief Laila Nugraha, ST., M. Eng.
Organizer: Department of Geodetic Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, Semarang, Indonesia
Sponsors: Diponegoro University, Badan Informasi Geospatial (Geospatial Information Agency), Kementerian Agraria dan Tata Ruang (Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning)
Published: 26 December 2019
ISSN: 2518-6841