The Triangulation Reduction Analysis of Acute Triangle


Positioning on the surface of the earth using the triangulation method can be done in two ways, namely terrestrial method for example by measuring the angle and distance using the total station tool and extraterrestrial methods for example by using satellite-based positioning technology. Extraterrestrial positioning method using the global navigation satellite system combined with terrestrial methods by measuring angles and distances using the total station tool is one alternative to positioning well. In this study position determination will only be calculated using two intermediate calculation plane, on the ellipsoid projection and in the plane projection. Of course, in a process of measuring position for the same point but using different methods it will produce different levels of accuracy. From the results of the comparison in determining the definitive coordinate value generated by the count on the ellipsoid projection with the Gauss-Helmert method, the definitive value that is closer to the reference value measured by static measurements methods rather than definitive coordinates produced through calculations in the plane projection.

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