Spatial Dynamics Model of Land Availability and Level of Income and Education in Parangtritis Coastal Village, Bantul Regency


Parangtritis coastal village is located on the southern coast of Bantul Regency that popular with tourism and capture fisheries activities. The advantages of the tourism and capture fisheries sector make Parangtritis Village seen as a field to earn a living and causes healing in population or people income of Parangtritis Village. This situation can affect the need for space and land, which can have an impact on decreasing the carrying capacity of the environment so that predictions are needed on land availability using a model of spatial dynamics. This study aims to build a model of spatial dynamics for land availability and analyze the relationship among these models with the education level and income of Parangtritis Village. The methods that used in this study is a spatial dynamics modeling method which using population data for 2008-2018 and Google Earth imagery in 2008, 2013, and 2018, and interview with grid area used for the level of education and income. The development of the built area observed through a spatial dynamics model of the relationship between population growth and land availability in the period 2008-2100. The model prediction shows that the developed land has developed from the appropriate area to meet the regional capacity that is not appropriate in 2039. The analysis results showed that the fastest growth of the built-up area was in areas with high levels of education and high-income levels.

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