International Conference of Psychology 2023 (ICoPsy 2023)

KnE Social Sciences / International Conference of Psychology 2023 (ICoPsy 2023)

This collection contains selected papers from The International Conference of Psychology 2023 (IcoPsy 2023) held in Malang, Indonesia on June 17, 2023. This event was hosted by the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Negeri Malang.

The conference was hosted under the theme “Future Psychology: Interaction of Human Behavior, Culture, and Technology”, and invited researchers, academics, educators, practitioners, and consultants within the field of psychology to discuss and debate some of the most prominent challenges faced in human behaviour and psychotherapies today.

The KnE Social Sciences collection contains 30 peer-reviewed articles that explore the psychology of some of the most vulnerable members of our societies. This collection offers an intriguing balance of studies that touch on the self, the social, and the solution to some of the leading mental health issues faced today. Gender-based discrimination, self-esteem issues, climate disaster traumas, and the mistreatment of disabled members of society are all topics touched upon in this issue, as social scientists work to heal the symptoms of society’s growing mental health crisis, while simultaneously uncovering the roots of the problems faced. Growing social inequalities, the role of social media in mainstreaming unrealistic social norms, and the growing deterioration of the nuclear family unit are all explored as causes for the crisis harming millions of minds today.

These papers will be of interest to academics, students, or professionals researching or working on education, health, social, industry, and organization, as well as clinical and developmental psychology.

Conference date: June 17, 2023
Location: Malang, Indonesia
Organizers: Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Negeri Malang
Conference Editors: Rakhmaditya Dewi Noorrizki, Femmi Nurmalitasari, Ulfa Masfufa, Yaumul Rahmi, Helga Graciani Hidajat, Iqlima Pratiwi, Faliha Muthmainah, Khasdyah Dwi Dewi Setyoningtias, Nadia Khairina, Melly Amalia Vardia
Published: 19 October 2023
ISSN: 2518-668X