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Ibero-American Symposium on Computer Programming jointly held with the International Congress on Technology Education

The Ibero-American Symposium on Computer Programming (SIIPRIN) represents an Ibero-American meeting forum for researchers and professionals focused on the study and research of the different aspects involved in computer programming. Its goal is to foster the dissemination of works keeping in mind academic, scientific, and professional issues on this topic. SIIPRIN arises from the need to create and maintain a discussion forum among scientists, academics, and professionals interested in the study and research of computer programming in our society as well as in the academic arena. In this symposium, a meeting place was provided to present, disseminate, and discuss the results of ongoing or consolidated research conducted on this topic. As an implicit objective, it is intended to foster collaboration among the different stakeholders, where we expect to encourage the development of a scientific basis in this field. In this edition, the International Congress on Technology Education and Knowledge Management (CITEGC) was jointly held with the SIIPRIN. CITEGC is focused on the fields of new technologies applied to education and the development of knowledge management in organizations.

Conference date: 29–30 November 2018
Location: Riobamba, Ecuador 
Editors: Gloria Arcos, Blanca Hidalgo, Vanessa Valverde, Alejandra Oñate, Lorena Aguirre, Raúl Rosero, Danilo Pástor, Gustavo Hidalgo, Eduardo Villa, Washington Luna, Patricio Moreno, Raúl Lozada, and Omar S. Gómez
Organizers: Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería de Software (GrIISoft) and Grupo de investigación en Tecnologías de la Información para la Gestión del Conocimiento (TIGECON)
Sponsor: • Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo (ESPOCH)
Published: 27 December 2018
ISSN: 2518-6841

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