Systematic Literature Review on the LDAP Protocol As a Centralized Mechanism for the Authentication of Users in Multiple Systems


The protocol LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) allows centralized identity authentication, where the information of the directory is faster and easier to read. This article carries out a systematic literature review (SLR) according to what is proposed in the article by Bárbara Kitchenham [1], aimed to identify different methods for users’ authentication in multiple systems using LDAP protocol, an analysis of criteria is carried out about different studies published in five digital libraries (Scopus, IEEEXplorer,, Google Scholar, DBLP), and two academic magazines (Revista Energía of UNL, Revista Científica of UTB), making relevant conclusions of the use of four mechanisms for the authentication of users of multiple systems such as: Languaje PHP, SSO (Single sign-on), IAM (Identity and Access Management), and T-RBAC (Access control based on roles and tasks), predominantly the use of the PHP language for its administrative tools for managing LDAP servers.



Keywords: LDAP, authentication, user management, systematic literature review, security

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