Withdrawal Policy

Should an author decide to withdraw the submission, Natasha Mansur (natasha.m@alqasimifoundation.rak.ae) should be contacted as soon as possible. Once the author submits the manuscript in the template, withdrawal is not possible.

Retraction Policy

The Gulf Education and Social Policy Review adheres to the Guidelines for retracting articles published by the Committee on Publication Ethics.

More generally, the Gulf Education and Social Policy Review draws from the guidelines presented by the COPE Council and Committee on Publication Ethics to manage complaints and disputes. Should they arise, complaints and/or disputes may be directed to Natasha Mansur (natasha.m@alqasimifoundation.rak.ae).

Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses submitted to the journal are used only for the given purposes. This information is not circulated for any other reasons or to any other entity.

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