1. The file with identifying information, the manuscript, figure files, and any supplementary files are submitted via the submission platform.
  2. The manuscript, figure files, and supplementary files are screened by the members of the Editorial Board to verify that they align with the journal’s aims and scope as well as word limits and quality standards. Manuscripts are considered on a rolling basis. Manuscripts may be rejected, returned to the author(s) for editing prior to the review, or accepted pending peer review. Should a member of the Editorial Board or the Al Qasimi Foundation wish to submit to the Gulf Education and Social Policy Review, the internal review process will be handled entirely independently of this individual. The double-blind peer-review process, described below, will proceed as described. A statement indicating this independence will be included in the Conflicts of Interest section of the published version.
  3. This journal uses a double-blind peer-review process. The manuscript is sent to independent, anonymous reviewers with expertise in the areas addressed. Reviewers are asked to return their comments in the Gulf Education and Social Policy Review Manuscript Review Form.
  4. The manuscript, a portion of the Gulf Education and Social Policy Review Manuscript Review Form, and either a Research Article or Policy Commentary Template are returned to the author(s) for revision and formatting if the reviewers decide to accept as is or with changes. If the decision is to accept with changes, authors are asked to return, along with their revised and formatted manuscript, a document outlining revisions made in relation to reviewer comments. Should an author choose not to address all reviewer comments, they should explain why certain revisions were not made. Manuscripts returned to authors to be revised and resubmitted should complete these processes by the deadline given. Should they miss the deadline, the manuscript is considered a new submission.
  5. Following resubmission, the manuscript is checked to ensure reviewer comments have been addressed. The manuscript is then edited and checked for style.
  6. The Gulf Education and Social Policy Review publishes new issues in June and December. Beginning in 2020, the submission deadlines are March 31 for the publication in June and September 30 for the publication in December. Submissions are considered on a rolling basis prior to these deadlines.