Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences (SJMS) / Editorial Board and Reviewers

Editorial Board


Prof. Mohammad AM Ibnouf, FRCSEd.

Department of Surgery, Omdurman Islamic University

The National Centre for Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases, Sudan


Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Nazik Elmalaika Obaid Seid Ahmed Husain, MD, M.Sc, MHPE, Ph.D.

Department of Pathology, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan


Former Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Mohamed Osman El Hassan Gadour, MRCP, FRCP.

Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Omdurman Islamic University

Currently: Military Hospital-Taif, King Saudi Arabia

Associate Editor

Dr. Abduelbagi D. A. Altayb, MRCP.

Department of Intensive Care, King Khalid Hospital, King Saudi Arabia

Publishing Editor

Mohamad Mostafa, B.Sc.

Crossref Ambassador for the Middle East & North Africa


Tel.: +971 544300842

Assistant Editors and Computer Designers

  • Aamir Yassin, MD, MRCPCH.

          Department of Pediatrics, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan.

          (Original website focal person)

  • Mohamed Nasr Mohamed Ahmed Elsheikh, MBBS, MHPE.

           Ph.D. Student, Brighton, and Sussex Medical School

           Global Health and Infection Department, Brighton, BN1 9PX, UK.

           (Facebook page designer)

Arabic Editor

Dr. Abdelsalam M Nail, MD, M.Sc.

Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan


Mr. Sohaib Mustafa

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences- Dean Office, Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan



Prof.  Ishag Adam
Obstetrics & Gynecology, Infectious disease,
Medical Education
Khartoum University

Prof. Samir Shaheen
Khartoum University

Prof. Wadie Almadhoon
Khartoum University

Dr. Mohamed Hassan Elziber
Internal Medicine, Metabolic Diseases,
and HIV
Milton Keynes Hospital, United Kingdom

Dr. Hyder Mohamed
Internal Medicine
University of Tabuk

Dr. Mohammed Soghaier
Community Medicine
Omdurman Islamic University

Dr. Elmuhtady Said.
Gastroenterology Medicine
Khartoum University

Prof. Mohammed Saeed Al Khalaefa
Medicine, Cardiology
Omdurman Islamic University

Dr. Asem H. Ali
Endocrine Medicine
UMass Memorial Medical Group,
55 Lake Ave N Worcester,
MA 01655, USA

Prof. Hashim Yagi
Khartoum University

Prof. El Sheikh Mahgoub
Microbiology and Medical Education
Sudan Medical Specialization Board

Prof. Abdulla Mahgoub Zaki
Department of Community Medicine
Omdurman Islamic University

Prof. Basheer Hamad
Medical Education
Sudan Medical Specialization Board, Sudan

Prof. Hassan Abu Aisha
Arab Society of Nephrology and Renal Transplantation

Prof. Mutamad Ahmed Ameen
Ahfad University for Women, Sudan

Prof. Babikir G Kaballo
Karary University

Prof. Ahmed Ibrahim
University of Khartoum

Dr. Ibrahim Salih
Pediatric Surgery
University of Khartoum

Prof. Kamal Elhag
Ahfad University for Women,

Prof. Imad Fadl Elmula
Al Neelain University



Assoc. Prof. Elhadi Awooda
University of Medical Sciences and Technology

Prof. Amar Eltahir
University of Khartoum

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Mesaik
University of Tabuk

Dr. Ayman Fisal Ahmed Foad
University of Tabuk

Dr. Mohammad Zubair
Microbiology, Diabetic and Lab Medicine
University of Tabuk

Dr. Thomas Antony Thaniyath
Biochemistry and Pain Managements
University of Tabuk

Prof. Isam Sadik
Clinical Chemistry
Omdurman Islamic University

Dr. Tarig Eltoum
University of Tabuk

Prof. El Bushra Ahmed Doumi
General Surgery
Kordofan University, Sudan

Prof. Bakri Alsayed Ahmed Algraa
Dermatology & Venereology
University of Bakht Alruda, Sudan

Dr. Muaz Elsayed
Internal Medicine and Neuro-medicine
Omdurman Islamic University

Prof. Anwar Kurdufani
University of Khartoum

Prof. Almuntasir Taha
Pediatrics and Medical Education
The National Ribat University, Sudan

Prof. Maria Satti
University of Khartoum

Prof. Hassan Bella
Tropical Child Health
Sudan Medical Specialization Board

Dr. Venkat Rajasurya, MD, MPH, FCCP
Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine
Pulmonary Critical Care physician at Decatur Memorial Hospital, Decatur, IL
Clinical Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University Family Medicine Program

Dr. Nayla Mubarak Kirkisawi
Department of Community Medicine
Omdurman Islamic University

Dr. Mugtaba Osman, MBBS MRCPsych MSc(Statistics) GradStat
Consultant Adult Psychiatrist, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Graduate Statistician
29 Parkview Drive, Gortlee, Letterkenny,
Co Donegal, Ireland

Dr. Sagad
GI Surgery
Elneelain University, Sudan

Dr. Muataz Salaheldin Abdelaziz
GI Surgery