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The Second International Conference on Amphibian and Reptiles Anomalies and Pathology

The Second International conference on "Amphibian and reptiles anomalies and pathology: Methodology, evolutionary significance, monitoring and environmental health” was held on 6–10 September 2016 in Ekaterinburg at the Ural Federal University. The conference brought together a number of experts in the fields of zoology (herpetology), evolutionary morphology, taxonomy, ecology, molecular genetics, cytology and conservation, scientific centers of 6 countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Japan, Germany and France) and 18 cities. Twenty-eight reports and nine posters were presented during the academic seminar and a roundtable discussion.

Conference topics: The topics discussed in the conference were about coordination, unification, and definition of research priorities in the field of fundamental and applied aspects of the innovative areas related to the problems of evolutionary teratology, morphogenesis ecology, and environmental quality.

Conference date: 6–10 September 2016
Location: Ekaterinburg, Ural Federal University
Editors: V. L. Vershinin and S. D. Vershinina
Organizer: Ural Federal University
Sponsor: Russian Foundation of Basic Research, Project No. 16-04-20603, supported by Act 211, Government of the Russian Federation, Agreement No. 02.A03.21.0006
Published: 3 May 2018
ISSN: 2413-0877

Indexing: The Second International Conference on  Amphibian and Reptiles Anomalies and Pathology Conference Proceedings are indexed in Web of Science (by Clarivate Analytics, formerly Thomson Reuters and ISI).

Table of Contents

The Second International Conference on Amphibian and Reptiles Anomalies and Pathology | pages 29–35

New Data on the Anomalies of Tailless Amphibians of the Volga Basin

A I Fayzulin, I V Chikhlyaev, A K Mineev, A E Kuzovenko, R A Mihaylov, F F Zaripova, A I Popov, O A Ermakov