The UGM Annual Scientific Conference Life Sciences 2016

KnE Life Sciences / The UGM Annual Scientific Conference Life Sciences 2016

It is the Universitas Gadjah Mada’s commitment to continue to strengthen the dissemination and to facilitate discussion on research. For this, Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi (BPP) Universitas Gadjah Mada organized UGM Annual Scientific Conference (UASC) which accommodate scientific meetings in life sciences and social sciences. The UASC Life Sciences 2016 series consisted of the 1st International Conference of Tropical Agriculture (ICTA) and the 1st International Conference on Health Sciences (ICHS). The 1st ICTA was held on 25–26 October 2016 while the 1st ICHS on 28–29 October 2016.

The theme of the 1st ICTA was integrated and Sustainable Tropical Agriculture and the conference covered broad topics spanning from agriculture, animal production and health, forestry, fisheries, and postharvest technology. In the conference, several internationally recognized experts on agriculture (Indonesia, Japan, Australia, German, Netherland, Bangladesh, and Sudan) joined to enrich the discussion which was directed and emphasized on how the resources in the tropical areas can be integrated to produce food in supporting the world food security. The 1st ICHS theme was on non -communicable diseases, and it aimed at supporting the regional growth of biomedical, Techno-med development, and the establishment of pharmaceutical and medical supporting equipment. More importantly, it ensures that patients and health systems in Indonesia have timely access to good, safe, rational, and effective medicine. The conference speakers came from Japan, Austria, Hong Kong, Australia, and Indonesia.

The current proceedings comprise written contributions of many of selected papers on the 1st ICHS (pp. 1–121) and the 1st ICTA (pp. 122–341). Each paper has been reviewed by at least two reviewers, experts in the corresponding field of study.  KnE Life Sciences, Volume 2019 has been edited by professional editors from five countries: India, Indonesia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden. Scientific & Editorial Board, the UGM Annual Scientific Conference Life Sciences—2016 hope that these papers will be beneficial for the development of life science in general and agriculture as well as health science in particular.

Conference date:
ICHS 2016: 28–29 October 2016
ICTA 2016: 25–26 October 2016
ICHS 2016: Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
ICTA 2016: Eastparc Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Editors: Roy Hendroko Setyobudi, IDN; Juris Burlakovs, SWD; Olga Anne, LTU; Peeyush Soni, IND; Zane Vincevica-Gaile, LVA
Organizers: Badan Penerbit dan Publikasi, Universitas Gadjah Mada
Published: 10 March 2019
ISSN: 2413-0877

Indexing:  The UGM Annual Scientific Conference Life Sciences 2016 proceedings are indexed in Web of Science (by Clarivate Analytics, formerly Thomson Reuters and ISI).